The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide for the Best Men And Women Sunglasses in 2020

The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide for the Best Men And Women Sunglasses in 2020

As it’s time for the sun to start appearing more often, you need to get ready with your protection – a stunning pair of sunglasses. Whipping out the same sunglasses that you have been using for years is not going to catch the attention of everyone’s eyes on you which means that you need to get upgraded and get yourself the perfect pair of sunglasses as soon as possible.

Today, sunglasses shades are available in endless shapes, materials, and tints. It isn’t easy for you to grab the right pair of eyewear. Besides, if you have a refractive error, you need to either wear contact lenses with your sunglasses, invest in a pair of prescription eyeglasses with a photochromic lens or get prescription sunglasses.

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Here’s buying guide to help you select the classiest and trendiest style of sunglasses for every face shape and appearance.

Square Frames

These are classics and will always be included in the list of stylish sunglasses. The shape is most loved because of the way it suits a wide range of face shapes. Angular, square frames are produced by some of the popular labels and always continue to be a fashion-forward trend.

Square-shaped sunglasses are suitable for both men and women and provide a vintage appeal. These frames have the same height and width and fit perfectly on people with oval, triangular, and round face shapes.


Rectangular and Oval Frames

If you want to enjoy the ‘they know what’s up’ vibe, the small rectangular and oval frames are what you need. It is the choice of shape for a majority of popular fashionistas. However, you must know that these ultra-slim frames may not be able to give you much coverage or protection against UV rays when compared to a pair of sports glasses.

Angular rectangular frames are a thumbs up for round faces. They also help add length to a short face. For those with oval face shape, rectangular frames with softer edges look great.


Sports Sunglasses

Sports sunglasses are eyeglasses designed to securely fit your face and remain comfortable during physical activity. These glasses keep your eyes safe and are suggested for those who indulge in cycling or other kinds of sports activities.

Sports glasses boost performance. If you want to excel during a competition, it is a good idea to undergo an eye examination and ensure that your eyesight is in top shape. When you know that your vision is 20/20, use the right sports eyewear to reduce glare and improve contrast so that you can see better and give prompt reactions.

Prescription Sunglasses

Prescription sunglasses, as the name suggests, are sunglasses built with your corrective prescription in the lenses. They help to protect your eyes from the sun and at the same time enable you to see clearly. These are made to order and you will need to consult an optometrist to know the condition of your vision before buying prescription sunglasses.

A lot of people like to enjoy a clear vision along with the luxury shade from the bright sun. A pair of prescription sunglasses are ideal for those who spend a lot of time behind the wheel or remain outdoors. This is because they make outdoor activities much safer and easier for your eyes.


A Little Extra

If you want a pair of shades that match your personality, owning an extra pair is just what you need. When you visit an optical store like Image Optical in Brampton, you will see that there’s a wide range for you to choose from and we bet you will be able to find more than one style and shape that suits your face.


Choosing the Best Sunglasses as per Face Shape

Sunglasses are fashionable and, therefore, most often than not, an eye doctor will not be able to tell you which style you need to buy. This is a choice that you need to make based on your face size and shape. If you purchase a pair of shades as per your face shape and size, you will enjoy a more comfortable fitting and own a more usable pair of sunglasses.

When you wear proper fitting sunglasses, you look more stylish. You must always visit Image Optical store in Brampton to buy a pair instead of shopping online since the size, fit, and look on your face can only be judged at a physical store.

Steps to Measure Your Face

Knowing the dimensions of your face will help you decide what shape and size your face is. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Stand in front of the mirror with a measuring tape
  2. Place one end of the measuring tape just underneath your eye and stretch it to the same position below the other eye. Take note of this number.
  3. Next, you need to measure the jawline. For this, start from one corner of the jawbone (below your ears) and move to the other. This time remember to go around the lower portion of your face and not straight. Write this number as well.
  4. From your hairline’s center, move down through the nose to underneath your chin. Take note of this measurement as your face length.


The difference in the measurements will be able to help you determine your face shape. Now, you can set out to purchase a pair of sunglasses suitable as per your face shape and size.

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