We care about our customers and provide you with an experience that matches your eyewear to your day-to-day tasks. Our experienced customer service team takes pride in assessing your prescription and helping you chose fashion forward eyewear that not only looks great, but is the best choice for your required prescription.


We stock a large selection of designer sunglasses for adults and sunglasses for children. You will find the availability of sunglasses suitable for sports (sunshades that are designed to cope with stress under a reasonable amount of pressure and activity. We have many popular and fashionable sunglasses including blockbuster sunglasses brands such as Ray-Ban, Oakley and Maui-Jim to name a few. These sunglasses are very much sought after and are often seen worn by many current celebrities.

Safety Glasses

We carry a large selection of safety eyewear. We are authorized vendors for AoSafety (Aearo Canada), SVS Vision and Securovision safety programs.

Contact Lenses

Our experienced staff will assess your prescription and help you find the right contact lens for you. We will ensure your contact lenses fit according to your measurements and that your vision is at its optimum. We carry contact lenses from all major contact lens manufacturers.

Eye Exams

Our friendly and experienced team of Optometrists will take the time to listen to all your concerns. We ensure you have the best eye exam experience.

Low Vision

“Low Vision is a bilateral impairment tovision that significantly impairs the functioning of the patient and cannot be adequately corrected with medical, surgical, therapy, conventional eyewear or contact lenses.” Low vision is a loss of eyesight that makes everyday tasks difficult. A person with low vision may find it difficult or impossible to accomplish activities such as reading, writing, shopping, watching television, driving a car or recognizing faces even with their prescription eyewear. At Image Optical we carry low vision devices that can help you better perform your day-to-day tasks. We are a authorized ADP Vendor.

Children Eye Care

We care about your eyes. Every child over the age of 4 should have their eyes tested every year by a licensed optometrist. Vision screening at school is not sufficient and in an eye exam. Did you know children are covered for an eye exam under health card once every 12 months?

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