How To Care For Soft Contact Lenses To Avoid Irritation, Watery Eyes And Blurry Vision

How To Care For Soft Contact Lenses To Avoid Irritation, Watery Eyes And Blurry Vision

Contact lenses, like other medical devices, are extremely safe to use as long as you correctly care for them and your eyes as per the instructions of the optician or optometrist (eye doctor). Caring for soft contact lenses is essential if you want to keep your eyes healthy, avoid discomfort, and continue to see well.

Fortunately, this is simple. Disposable contact lenses along with one-bottle care systems have made it easier as you now spend less time, expenses, and hassles as compared to the earlier times.

Before we elaborate on the different aspects of contact lens care, it is important to know that you must not switch care routines without consulting an eye care professional such as an optician or optometrist. Certain products cannot be used in combination with each other. They tend to cause allergic reactions which are not safe for your eyes. If you use incompatible products, you will not only damage the contact lenses but also harm your eyes.

Cleaning Tips – Soft Contact Lenses Care

How to care for your lenses depends on the type of lens you use. Daily disposable lenses don’t need much care except for when you are putting them on. Follow the instructions carefully if you are using conventional soft lenses since any kind of carelessness can cause vision problems:

  1. First and foremost, wash your hands with a mild soap. Your hands must not have any lotion, oils or perfumes on them. Such products can dirty the lens, irritate your eyes and also make vision blurry.
  2. Use a clean, lint-free towel to dry your hands.
  3. Try and keep your fingernails smooth and short. This ensures that you don’t damage your lenses or hurt your eye. In case you need to use hair spray, do this before you put in contact lenses.
  4. Any kind of eye makeup should be done after you wear the contacts. Remove them before you clean your makeup.
  5. A few contacts demand special care and products. This is also dependent on the condition of your eyes and your vision. Ask your doctor if you need to use eye drops, enzymatic cleaners, and disinfecting solutions. The use of certain eye drops can cause irritation and watery eyes.
  6. Don’t wash your contact lenses with tap water or distilled water.
  7. To clean the lens – place it in your palm, pour some lens solution, and lightly rub using the index finger of your other hand. With a gentle rub, all surface build-up is removed.
  8. Keep your lens case clean. Use a sterile solution or lens solution for this and allow to air dry. Get a fresh lens case every 3 months.

Let your eyes rest

Contacts are great for patients suffering from low vision-related problems. However, just like you take all kinds of precautions for eye care, you must know that extensive use can lead to eye dryness. They can reduce the amount of oxygen that enters your eyes. Therefore, you must remove the contacts during the evening and night and wear your prescription glasses. This makes it easier for your eyes to breathe, regain moisture, and feel at ease.

You can conveniently wear sunglasses with contact lenses during the day. Some brands of contact lenses offer products that can be worn even at night to sleep without any kind of discomfort. Nonetheless, just like safety eyewear helps to protect your eyes from the surrounding environment after cataract surgery or any other procedure, removing the contacts at night allows perfect airflow. This break gives your eyes the chance to get ready for the next day.

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Wear contact lenses as per the recommended length of time

When you visit an optical store near you, you will realize that they are selling different contact lens styles. These are categorized based on wear length. The standard wear length offered by popular brands is dailies, two weeks, and one month. This means that you can either use a pair of contact lenses for one day, use them for two weeks or for one month.

Please note that contacts must be used only for the recommended wear time. You should also replace them with fresh ones if they are causing discomfort, itching, irritation, or if they are stained, ripped or otherwise damaged.

Choose a brand that is right for you

Like other products available in the market today, contact lenses also come in a variety of options. For instance, if you have drier eyes, you will need contact lenses that hold more moisture. Before selecting contact lenses, at Image Optical Brampton, our experienced eye doctors or optometrists will recommend that you undergo an eye examination first not only to understand if there is a change in prescription but also to discuss any concerns that you need to be aware of with your current contact lens style and brand.

Many eye care patients in Brampton don’t know that the solution for irritation in the eyes is as simple as a switch in style, brand, or the contact lens solution. We provide the best selection of contact lens brands to ensure that our patients enjoy clarity, comfort, and convenience.

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