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Strabismus is a word for eyes that are not straight or do not line up with each other.

  • This problems is caused when the muscles of the eyes do not work together
  • About one in 50 children has strabismus
  • Half these children are born with the condition
  • An illness or accident may cause strabismus
  • If the problem is not found and treated it may lead to lazy eye (amblyopia)
  • It can also affect your child’s personality because the may look different and feel embarrassed
  • Look for signs that your child’s eyes do not line up
  • Eye turned in, out, up, or down
  • Newborn babies eyes may sometimes wander or cross
  • 3-4 years olds eyes may not line up and eyes may wander
  • 5 years and older, if problem not found may cause permanent vision loss
  • Have your child’s eyes checked
  • Shortly after birth
  • At 6 months of age
  • Before starting school (age 3 or 4)
  • Throughout the school years as needed
  • Glasses
  • Can improve focus and may help straighten eyes
  • Patching
  • Doctor may take steps to help chills use the weaker eye
  • Child may have to cover the stronger eye with a patch to strengthen weaker eye
  • Medicine
  • Eye drops or ointment can blur vision in one eye
  • This treatment may be used instead of patching
  • Different drops may be used to replace glasses or to add to the strength of the glasses
  • Surgery
  • Surgery on the eye muscles may help straighten the eyes
  • Eye exercises
  • Doctor may recommend eye exercises for strabismus before or after surgery

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